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Software & Services

BIT has direct OEM relationships in autonomous driving SW tool and process development.
Employing established large scaling quality assurance methods from ground truth, we achieve outstanding results.
Our in-house file converter and plugin development for various tool chains ensures seamless data exchange with customers.

embedded software

Embedded Software

BIT’s expert knowledge on embedded GPUs and accelerator engines for data processing used in several reference projects allows for >30% performance improvements along with code size reductions.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

BIT manages to combine AR/VR with odometry running in realtime on mobile devices. We offer customers full app and algorithm development supported by in-house programmers and engineers.

The BIT Augmented Reality solution reconstructs a 3D modell of the camera input in realtime. On the below picture you can see the depth as a gradient color scale. The video shows the operation in realtime on a Apple iPhone6 device.


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