//TV-Broadcast „mehr/ wert“ missed? Link to BR Mediathek

TV-Broadcast „mehr/ wert“ missed? Link to BR Mediathek

BIT Technology Solutions had a visit from Bayerischen TV. One of the largest car fairs, the “Autosalon Paris 2018″, was the reason why the BR television has chosen the topic “autonomous driving – at what point is the German automotive industry” and, as part of this program, they have interviewed BIT as an innovative Munich start-up.

Training test drive vehicles in real traffic is complex, expensive and specially thousands of miles must be driven to collect enough data for training. Therefore BIT focuses on the development of simulation tools for autonomous driving. Synthetic image data sets are created as realistically as possible using self-developed software. This allows to simulate dangerous corner cases. Even though it looks like a video game, it is for training autonomous driving.

In the broadcast from 11th October 2018 on BR Mediathek you can see part of our work:


If you would like to know more about this topic, feel free to contact us at info (at) bit-ts.de.

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