For computer vision systems of the future, simulation is an essential tool to create robust and safe AI systems. BIT-TS specializes in this trend by generating synthetic data and developing the necessary tools. With our expertise in 3D data generation, we have created a powerful toolchain that can generate multi-modal data with detailed ground truth information to train and validate AI.

Our multidisciplinary teams are comprised of highly specialized members from different scientific backgrounds. This approach is needed to tackle the transfer of state-of-the-art machine learning methods to different sectors of engineering. BIT-TS is an international company with staff from all over the globe and strong European partners.


You don’t have to travel to Mountain View California to find tech-savvy companies and gorgeous mountain ranges to look at. Our Munich office at Obersendling has both.
Since its company foundation in 2014, BIT-TS has strong ties to Munich and its thriving automotive and tech sectors. BIT-TS grew from a specialized AR/VR software and data annotation company to a full scale synthetic data provider.


Next to beautiful beaches, rivieras and landscapes, Croatia hosts a thriving tech industry. Our team in Slavonski Brod is made up of experts in computer graphics engineering and software development.


BIT-TS loves to work on the edge of research and commercial industry. That is why we chose Dresden as a homebase for our radar team. With its top notch universities and booming semiconductor manufacturers, Saxony is the perfect location to develop smart radar and automation solutions.

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