//Broadcasts to ‘autonomous driving’ on German TV

Broadcasts to ‘autonomous driving’ on German TV

BIT Technology Solutions GmbH contributes widely to the field of autonomous driving which among of those are the two broadcasts that will be on the air tonight, 10.10.2018 at 21.45 o’clock on ARD in the program ‘Plusminus’ and another will be cast tomorrow evening, 11.10.2018 at 19 o’clock on BR in the program ‘mehr/wert’.

How far is autonomous driving advanced? Worldwide work is being done on this topic especially from US companies and you hear a lot – positive news, but also negative. At what point is the German automotive industry on the way to a self-driving car? Of course, the German car manufacturers are also working hard on this goal. Currently, various test vehicles are being developed in Germany on which autonomous driving is being tested and further developed.

In the two broadcasts for which BIT Technology Solutions GmbH was interviewed by the BR, the topic of ‘autonomous driving in Germany’ is discussed in more details.

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