At the 4th specialist conference of the BMWi, BMBF and BMVI on December 5 and 6, 2019 in Berlin, Karl Leiss, CEO of BIT Technology Solutions GmbH, Munich, presented the company’s latest development in the field of autonomous driving.

The four main aspects of the offering from BIT Technology Solutions to validate AI based autonomous driving functions are:

  • A database for content and scenarios with traceability reports
  • Physical based material and sensor models
  • Fully automized scenario generation by AI
  • Scalable data generation for synthetic training and test data with high coverage

The output sensor data and ground truth is generated for camera, lidar and radar sensor with electromagnetic simulation. Around this topic BIT Technology Solutions takes part on the govermental funded projects AuRoRaS, SIRAD and KI-Absicherung.

With the recently adopted “Research for Autonomous Driving” action plan, the three federal ministries BMWi, BMBF and BMVI are pooling their priorities and guidelines for the future direction of research funding for autonomous driving. The Action Plan is part of the Federal Government’s High-Tech Strategy 2025. The Federal Government believes that autonomous driving offers great potential for safe, efficient, emission-free and intelligent mobility in the future. The conference offers exciting insights into current developments in science, business and politics.

* image source: „BMWi/bildkraftwerk“