//Govermental funded project SIRAD Smart Imaging Radar for Autonomous Driving

Govermental funded project SIRAD Smart Imaging Radar for Autonomous Driving


Smart Imaging Radar for Autonomous Driving

Within the framework of the IuK-program of the  Bavarian Stateministery,  BIT Technology Solutions GmbH developed together with the partners Astyx GmbH and TU Munich a high resolution radar simulation environment for automotive use cases.

Goal of the project is to enable the usage of advanced algorithms for high resolution radar in the area of autonomous driving level 4 & 5. Safe environment perception without the influence of weather is considered.

The innovation relies on a new physical based material model which resolves material properties based on the sensor model’s capabilities. On top of this sensor related data, ground truth for position, orientation, speed and semantic classification is virtually generated.

BIT Technology Solutions GmbH supports here by broad experience in the area of simulation software development and assurance. Especially the knowledge on physical based simulation for autonomous driving puts BIT into a key position.

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